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Becky Degan is a songwriter and performer who specializes in music for preschool children through age 7. While many of Becky's compositions are inspired by children with special needs, her music delights youngsters of all ability levels.

Becky's newest project, "The Family Song" is now available from Herald Press. The Family Song is a book by Jane Hoober Peifer about a family who finds the presence of God as they pray around the dinner table each evening - no matter what the circumstances! The book includes a CD featuring Becky's "The Family Song."

In May 2006, Becky released her third CD, titled "Sing, Little Children, Sing" available from Herald Press. This is a collection of Bible songs from the Mennonite tradition, along with a few originals, all arranged and performed by Becky and friends.

Becky's first two albums, "Hip Hip Hooray!" and "Can't Stand Still," include original songs with colorful and lively characters as well as fun and singable tunes to focus on the developmental needs important to the growth of all children. "Fun while learning" is Becky's approach, as the clever tunes and vivid creatures on the CD disguise many important educational goals.

Becky also entertains the young and the young at heart with interactive performances at bookstores, schools, libraries and hospitals in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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